Supporting examples for this prompt?

<p>This is an example prompt from the Kaplan prep book:</p>

<p>Are there more advantages to planning for the future than living in the moment?</p>

<p>I'm usually pretty good at coming up with supporting examples quickly but this one just stumped me. (Also state which stance you take; I'm split between the two sides which is probably why I can't think of good examples either way XP )</p>

<p>Anyone, ideas? (the whole historical, literary, current events support stuff?)</p>

<p>I can think of Great Gatsby (living for pleasure - which I guess can be a historical evidence as the hedonism and beliefs at that time) or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (instead of worrying the consequences of breaking the rules and do what you believe is right) . But the stance of living in the moment and not worry about the future sounds weak.</p>

<p>military plans leading up to wwi (if youve taken apush/euro)
make up some random personal examples? I think I had a prompt like this- talked about a vacation (planned tours vs exploring or something) and painting (carefully sketching or less precise)</p>