Surviving in College

<p>I'm freshman, and I am still struggling how to survive in college socially, academically, and economically. I have been a straight A student at HS but now I've got C+ and Bs for my first exams. I also want to party and hang out with my floor friends, managing academic and social activities are very hard for me...</p>

<p>Please, share some advice for this poor freshman who is still lost in the real world...</p>

<p>^You’re not in the real world yet, just so you know lol. As it is, join a few clubs and school organizations, talk to the people around you in class, form study groups, go to on campus events. If its a boring night and you have nothing else to do maybe get your roomate and knock on a few doors to get a game of cards going.</p>

<p>Go to your professor’s office hours to figure out your exams. Don’t argue, just try to figure out what you could do better. And that way, the professor will know your face, and maybe name.</p>

<p>For socializing, initiate stuff. Do something random for your hall/floor (whichever, doesn’t matter). I came in super shy and introverted and terrified of people. But then I helped organize a surprise party for the RA of my hall, and people suddenly knew me. One of my hallmates was unknown until he decided to cook for the hall. Another decided he’d put a random situation on the whiteboard in the common room and people could write in what they’d do, and then he got known. Yet another showed off his talent at different voices. Another brought out a game system. People get known once they do stuff for other people. Don’t center it on yourself.</p>

<p>Also, for activities if you want to get involved, if they have free workshops or intro nights, or open meetings, just go! I can’t dance to save my life, but I went to a dance workshop last night just because I thought it’d be cool. Tonight I went to the first of seven 4-hour audition practices for a drum ensemble. Just because. Invite hallmates. Do stuff that you’ve always wished you could do, but were always afraid to try. You’re in college, and there are too many people to worry about what other people think. You don’t want to go through and then look back and say, “What if?” Just try it. Do stuff you never would have before.</p>

<p>Feel free to message me if you need help–I was of the same mindset as you a little while ago.</p>