SUS Matrix out: 4.4 - 4.6 for both summer/fall at UF

The SUS matrix is out for 2020-21 counselor guide. Here are the numbers for UF for last cycle – middle 50% numbers First Time in College (FTIC):

Summer GPA: 4.4 - 4.6
Summer SAT: 1260 - 1400
Summer ACT: 28 - 32

Fall GPA: 4.4 - 4.6
Fall SAT: 1340 - 1480
Fall ACT: 30 - 33

My take: GPA remains king…

(Note, no other SUS school is even close. FSU Fall is 4.1 - 4.5, SAT: 1290-1410, ACT: 29-32)

Thanks for posting this.

I agree with your take, GPA is still king. Probably even more so in the future with the move by most states to eliminate (either temporarily or likely permanently at some point soon) standardized testing from the admissions process.

I am not sure how universities will be able to compare students across hundreds of high schools without standardized test scores, but it certainly appears that is the direction this process is going. Expect more competition within each high school as students have to separate themselves from their peers. More Honors, APs and dual enrollment classes to raise the GPA.

Didn’t FSU slip a spot or two in the USNWR rankings? :wink:

@fl1234 I had not noticed about FSU, but upon further review, it dropped one place in the public university rankings. Further unmasking?

Given that kids have had less access to the SAT and ACT, it will definitely be a new kind of challenge for the admissions folks. My guess is UF will be even more selective because the yield may increase due to the economy. I’m glad my two are already through this process.

I cant believe that the only states (public schools)in the country that haven’t gone test optional are Florida and Wyoming! If they don’t do something about that, I think the number of applicants will drop significantly. Seems like there are many kids that are just over it and are done even trying to test.

Been looking at this data and wondering about how COVID will influence admissions decisions. I have one son in his third year at UF (or I should say online from my couch) and two (twins) applying now. I always thought that it would be a minor miracle if all three wound up at the same college but am thinking that the COVID stuff may make it more likely given that UF may be concerned about less yield due to the uncertainty of who will accept especially for OOS applicants, which may cause them to accept more in state?? But who knows.

@CrazyDad9 I think that the down economy will mean that more high flyers stay closer to home, so I think that means an increase in in-state yield. Out of state might be the opposite. Once the 2020 admissions annual report is out, we might be able to see if the yield changed significantly this year, as final decisions were certainly impacted by Covid.

Last year, the annual report came out in November.

I think Florida is afraid to go test optional as that would have some very interesting ramifications for Bright Futures.

If you are saying that colleges can’t keep testing requirements because of limited opportunities, how can you Keep it for the scholarship?

I also wonder if more high achieving students will be applying/accepting admission now because of the economy. Less people wanting to take on the risk of $$ schools. Could go so many ways.

There are many variables in play that may affect the number of applicants, acceptances and yield. It will be difficult to handicap.

Perhaps another factor will be the prevalence of online classes. They may be able to increase enrollment if they decide to make more classes online permanently, or offer multiple delivery methods for classes that used to be only in person. I hear all of the time that COVID has accelerated the transition to digital in many other industries. UF has had a strong online program for many years, so they may be able to capitalize on the trend more than other universities?
Also need to consider the fiscal stress that all universities are under. Increasing enrollment may be a necessity.

Agree with you 100%! I don’t they will let the test scores go without a fight (kicking and screaming) because they are relied upon for Bright Futures. I doubt they want to be responsible for the state having to pay out even more tuition if the test scores are eliminated as a requirement.

Agree with you 100%! I don’t they will let the test scores go without a fight (kicking and screaming) because they are relied upon for Bright Futures. I doubt they want to be responsible for the state having to pay out even more tuition if the test scores are eliminated as a requirement.

@fl1234 That’s a keen observation about growth in online. It would be interesting to see what the yield for Pace is for the most recent class. It certainly became a more palatable option this year. I know of a couple kids who are in UF Pace who would not be were it not for the pandemic.

Can anyone see a scenario where the SUS goes test optional but Bright Futures still requires a test score? I can. It’s a scholarship and the students have until the end of their senior year to put up a test score. Other scholarships have requirements, so why not continue to enforce the bright futures requirement.

I’m in palm beach county and I know kids that took the ACT on Saturday. In school testing is supposed to happen this fall. I would guess any hope for test optional is probably off the table. If they have held out this long, why would they change now that testing is starting to happen. I also think that some students and parents are under the false assumption that the state wants more kids to qualify for bright futures.

@flprepaidmom Another factor has to be the State of Florida’s overall budget. The state is getting creamed due to Covid, with sales tax numbers down all over the place. People are buying fewer big items, tourism has gotten crushed. We could easily see Bright Futures being more selective, on top of the recent increase in the eligibility requirements.

I think that we will see a major transformation of Bright Futures in the next few years.

  1. One of the purposes was to keep the brightest in state and elevate the stature of state universities. Though there is always more progress that can be made in this area, virtually all of the major state universities have moved way up in the rankings over the last 10+ years and their reputations and relatively low cost (even without BF) is still attractive.
  2. Fiscally, the state and the universities are really hurting now due to COVID. The lottery money could be distributed differently in order to relieve some of the pain across the SUS and public K-12s.
  3. Social matters could drive a change in the criteria for BF to achieve goals in that area.

I believe that because of the long-standing history of BF, most of us see it as a given, even a right. We need to understand the above considerations (and probably others that I have not thought about) and be ready for disruption.

The future funding of and requirements to receive BF is an interesting topic. For years I’ve thought they were far too generous with the scholarship, as it was way too easy to get some form of BF. It’s supposed to be something to strive for, not just an entitlement. Couple that with very inexpensive overall COA and no state taxes and it’s hard to conceive there not being disruption due to pandemic related fiscal issues.

I have two kids; one received full BF and one was the next tier down (neither using them based on their college selection). The top tier kid deserved the scholarship. Very challenging HS and top performer. The second tier kid, and we love her dearly, is very smart but an average student. She got good grades but anyone could have from her HS (performing arts focused). It would have been easy to go the extra mile and get better grades, but she didn’t. B to B+ with mediocre SATs. Great kid, very talented, will do well in life…but don’t see why she was deserving of a BF scholarship. Personally I think that devalues the merit. It’s not like FL state schools are charging 20k tuition.

They’re making it easier to stay in state, but aren’t those kids likely to stay in state anyway? If they don’t get the top tier BF, how competitive would they be for out of state schools anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take the money all day long. But at some point, and perhaps that’s now due to the pandemic, it will affect the overall ability of the state to provide top students top awards. Fewer is probably better with an increased benchmark to qualify. Likely headed that way.

I don’t think they could say test scores are optional for admissions but required for BF because how would the opportunity exist for testing to meet the BF req when it allegedly doesn’t exist for the college req… that’s why I think they will stay away from going test optional.

It isn’t so much about merit and who deserves it but rather the space to take the test. If the state says they can’t require test for admissions since the kids can’t get access to it, how are those same kids supposed to access it for BF?

Though our county has FIRMLY told school staff that unless the epidemic is rampant in the school, they’re to offer the test. (Speaking as a counselor for that district)