suspension/ disciplinary action

<p>I was suspended for one day in tenth grade, BUT I think there may be some sort of catch to it because the guy who i was suspended with told me his mom talked to someone and that guy said it wasn't entirely official/mandatory to report.
How does this affect my chances into schools like Brown, NYU, U Chicago, Northwestern?
Anyone got any advice for me on how to check on the officiality of these things? I got to a LAUSD public school and my college counselor is worse than useless.</p>

<p>I'm not sure about the schools you mentioned, but my son was expelled and still got into the college of his choice. Graduates in May!!</p>

<p>You could talk to the admissions office of schools you are not interested in(but have similar requirements) to see how they feel, then extrapolate the information to the schools of interest.</p>