Suspension on my record, chances of getting into college?

Hi, I was suspended for one day sophomore year because I cheated and plagiarized on an essay. It was a while ago and my guidance counselor supported me and is writing a letter of rec. depicting how much I have grown. I am just very worried that this will hinder my chances at Boston University which is my top school right now and the school I want to apply Early Decision too. I have a 3.7 W GPA and a 33 ACT. Students at my school have gotten in with far less and it is my dream school for my major so I am terrified that I will be rejected. Other schools I am applying to are OU, Bama, Texas A&M, UWash Seattle, UMass Amherst, Pitt, and Tulane. I would really like to know my chances at these schools. Any help would very very much appreciated!