Susquehanna graphics design program

<p>Does anyone out there know anything about the graphics design program at SU? My D heard about it from her guidance counselor, though being from NoVA (Fairfax) we know little of the school. Admissions people, the dean of the school, and even the student tour guide raved about the program during our visit at the end of April. The student tour guide added that it was "probably the hardest" major on campus and that the students in it don't have as much free time as their peers. (For my part I liked that she said this.) We were supposed to talk with a professor, but we were on a tight schedule that day and availabilities didn't match up. An advertising agency friend in Washington DC said the graduates are among the best, and that the school even outperforms art institutes, etc in the job market. I was surprised to hear all of this as we weren't aware of this school before. We may have stumbled on a hidden gem here. </p>

<p>Are there any student currently enrolled in this program, or parents of student who might offer comment? My D is a high school junior (rising senior in a few weeks!) and we are just beginning this process. She is really interested in this career field and I want her to go to a small LAC if possible.</p>

<p>My son will be a freshman there in the Fall, but not in graphic design. I can help with other questions if you like. My suggestion is that I found professors respond directly and quickly to email questions and the admissions people are very helpful about getting you in touch with kids in your major. Of course, with school out, responses may be slower.</p>