SVA RD Class of 2024

I was deferred from the early action round and was told I’d hear my decision by March 13 so I thought I’d start a thread for anyone waiting to hear from SVA for Regular Decision.

My son applied RD. Heard earlier this week. Accepted to film program.

Wow he heard quickly @Metfan31 – congratulations!

I was accepted today to the BFA Design program. I was notified by email. I also received the Silas H Rhodes scholarship ($5,000 per year) and am an Intl student, if it helps anyone!

Thank you @animate2002 I thought that was quick too. Maybe they put his application in the EA pile. Good luck to you!

@animate2002 - I have a friend whose son applied to SVA regular decision as well and he finally heard on March 27th, it was a very long time waiting - I hope it worked out for you and that you did not have to wait as long as that!