SVA Regular Decision

My daughter was accepted 2 days after she applied this past month. We haven’t heard anything about a scholarship or merit aid. Does anyone know when this comes out for regular decision students? In a previous thread they said in March, is this correct?

Same here. I got my acceptance email yesterday but nothing about a scholarship. My friend got an email yesterday with scholarship info included. I’m wondering if some people get their scholarship aid later through mail.

@Jiyoony I am in the same situation! I guess all we can do is to wait for the mail :confused:

@WeirdHuman So I emailed them yesterday and they said “Admissions is currently in an ongoing scholarship award process for all qualifying undergraduate applicants to the Fall 2019 term. First-time freshman scholarship recipients will be notified in March via postal mail and email.” Hope this helps!

OH WOW, it helps a lot! Thanks :smiley:

@WeirdHuman If I may ask, have you heard anything about scholarship?

@Jiyoony Sadly, no. :~(

Just an update- we hadn’t completed our FAFSA until after she applied. Once that was completed she received her scholarship by email 2 weeks after FAFSA was processed. Not sure if there is a correlation but it seems to be the case.

D applied in late December, received admission in January and today received email about being awarded Silas H Rhodes Scholarship of 20K per year for 4 years. Study grant of 5K per year earlier. Not eligible for need-base aid. US Citizen, International resident.