SVA vs Parsons(the new school) vs Syracuse for design major

Hi, as I addressed the title, please help me choose among those schools!

I got scholarships for all schools but not that much. All of them are very expensive, especially Syracuse’s one-year tuition fee is 60k, which is crazy.

I want to do creative directing or design management in the future, so I’m struggling because the deposit due is coming within one week.

My parents make over 300k a year, and they told me it is uneasy to pay for me the college costs. But, they said when it comes to choosing the school, I shouldn’t be bothered by the money. They have few assets, but I know college is very costly, so I want to make a good decision soon.

My parents are leaning toward Syracuse because it’s a bigger school with a beautiful campus, while the other two art schools don’t.

But, I think SVA can be a good choice for me too, as I can learn more practical design, and this school is the least expensive choice for now. Also, it might be easier to get internships bc of the area’s benefit.

Please help me with any advice that I should know before the national college commitment day:)