Swarthmore College Transfer Fall 2020

Hello guys,

Are there any more students that will be applying to Swarthmore College as a transfer, for the Fall 2020 semester? If so, would you be able to share some information about yourselves? The application deadline is in two weeks, so if you have a major you would like to pursue, reason why you want to attend Swarthmore, please list them below.

Hi! I’m applying to Swarthmore too! I intend to major in Economics. Im currently applying as a transfer from a California community college. Did anyone else do an interview?

I am applying to Swarthmore haha, pursuing a biology major.
I wonder the date that transfer admissions will come out ;s

Hello all! I am applying as a anthro major :slight_smile: I think the decisions come out around May 15th! But possibly a little later considering the times we are in. Where are you all coming from?

I applied as an engineering student. but because my provost went on leave two weeks before it was shut down over a month ago, I am still trying to get records situated. Hopefully everything works out. How do you guys feel about your application?

Applying as a Bio/CS major from a state flagship. Still don’t have my college transfer report in yet, so @royalengineer I feel ya.

Not too hopeful for this one. Swarthmore is just too hard :confused:
Are you all entering as sophomores or juniors?

Hey! I’m coming from a small liberal arts school in Western PA, film studies/english double major. I hope I both get in and can run cross but I do not think I am good enough.

I did an interview and it went great! Was 2hrs!

Is there any chance that the decision comes out before May 15th or will they all be released on the same day?

I’m entering as a junior @sumguy, and from a state school as well, but smaller. @zigwammy, how do you think sports are in general? I wanted to play basketball and potentially lacrosse; but seeing the record this year, it looks like they’re already competitive.

@royalengineer My current school and Swarthmore are in the same XC region, so I have actually raced against them. My team got 49th out of 53 teams, Swarthmore got 8th. Swarthmore’s conference, the Centennial Conference, is a good contender for best DIII conference in the country. So our best case would be for us to talk to the coaches if we get in, and hope we can join the team. For XC there is a varsity team so my hope would be to be on the JV team. Idk how it works for other sports but I imagine it is similar.

College athletics usually doesn’t have a JV team. Are you a recruited athlete Zig?

Hi y’all,
When can we expect Swarthmore’s transfer decisions? I am currently in a community college in PA and applied to the political science program at Swarthmore. Does any one know if they will have Fall classes on campus?

A friend who got in last year said her decision came out on May 15, so I am thinking it will be then. And in regards to classes, I don’t know anything about that.

Did anyone else apply under engineering?

Just got an email from Swarthmore:
“Thank you for submitting a transfer application for admission to Swarthmore College. Decisions will be released online on Thursday May 14th at 7:00 p.m. EDT. At that time you will be able to access your decision via your applicant portal.”
y’all ready for some good news :slight_smile:

That’s the optimism we need! Good luck everyone in decisions and wherever you may end up after the transfer process.

I got waitlisted at Swarthmore !!! Any chance that they will select students from waitlist.


Congratulations, I hope they will pick me from waitlist and will get to meet you on campus this Fall.