Swarthmore CS classes

When my child was admitted to Swarthmore, we were kind of concerned about the 2018 CS policy changes that included lottery and cap on courses. Recently he told me it wasn’t a problem at all. He used his AP credit to waive the first CS intro class, so he doesn’t know about that course. This fall he is taking another intro class that has 60 spots but he said that only about 2/3 of the class was filled. He was able to place out of the 3rd intro class. The faculty are flexible and supportive. He has no problem registering for a higher-level CS class next Spring. He doesn’t hear students’ complaints about not getting the courses they want to take. I think the CS department (and the admission office?) must have done something effective to solve the problem of oversubscribed courses.

BTW, though Swarthmore is a small college, their students did well in the ICPC recently. One of the teams, made of two freshmen and a sophomore, won the ICPC Mid-Atlantic regional contest 2019. (https://mausa19.kattis.com/standings?filter=2578)