swarthmore ED 2024

cause why not ?
Where are you all ?

My son is applying ED at Swarthmore. We visited the school a few weeks ago, and he really loved the whole school.

@Bromptonboy Good to know.
I am an International Student.
Can I know the statistics of your son?

UW GPA = 3.92 - weighted = 4.378. 10 AP classes. ACT = 35. Very competitive HS. I wish you the best of success!

Looks good.
Thank you and Best of luck too him too :smile:

yup! applying from suburban pa, about 40 min from swarthmore.

also international applying here :smiley:

Applying ED I from Connecticut! I can’t wait to meet y’all!!

Any news about when we might hear? The waiting is killing me.

The chatter I hear indicates that Friday 12/13 for ED. Best of luck to you.

Wow, Friday the 13th. How lucky!

Presumably you all got the same email that says they will release results at 7 p.m. EST on Thursday, 12/12. I am relieved it is not Friday the 13th. That would be bad mojo.

i’m ready for my rejection!! haha

Uh…anyone else’s checklists suddenly disappear?

Me too! Checklists disappeared

I want to wish all of the best of success in the moment of truth tonight. Fingers crossed for my son.

Do they typically release decisions exactly at the time in the email or a little before?

My son did not get accepted. Very disappointing. Oh well…

i got accepted

my daughter was accepted :slight_smile: