Swarthmore ED. A chance for a chance.

<p>41 days remain before the letter comes back. And the paranoia sets in!</p>

-Hispanic (Cuba)
-Private school</p>

<p>Three outstanding recommendations
GPA: 4.0 (unweighted)
Most advanced courseload possible (no specific AP classes at my school)
No class rank (but I'm in the top 15% at least)
ACT: 34
SAT I: 800 / 800 / 750
SAT II: 800 (Math IIC) / 690 (US History)
4x 5 (English Language, German, Latin: Vergil, Latin Literature)
2x 4 (Psychology, US History)
Taking Calculus BC, Biology, English Literature, Spanish, and potentially Chemistry at the end of this year.
AP Scholar with Distinction
National Merit Semifinalist (226 PSAT)</p>

11 years of piano and guitar (directed music for one theater production)
5 years of theater productions, fall, winter, and spring
6 years of Model UN (2 years at regional out-of-school ones). Officer for two years.
3 years Fine Arts Club (directing a community service outreach program this year)
Volunteering at the local hospital</p>

<p>In addition, I'm Swarthmore legacy (my father went there, class of '84).</p>

<p>Applying Swarthmore ED. If I don't get in, Haverford gets EDII, with extra applications to Amherst and Vassar.</p>

<p>Oh, and I forgot to add I’ve taken the National Latin Exam 7th-10th grade and received highest honors all four years. (1,2,4,5 level)
Took the National German Exam 9th-11th (1,3,4 level) and received 99%, 99%, and 92% respectively.</p>

<p>I would imagine that you get in</p>

<p>I would be absolutely shocked if you did not get in. </p>

<p>You have MAJOR hooks: Legacy, URM (even though Swarthmore is 12% Hispanic) & gender diversity (?)</p>

<p>Your scores are well within Swat’s range.</p>

<p>The only minor weakness might be your lack of breadth in ECs, but this is mostly made up for by their depth and focus. And the 690 on US History should not detract very much.</p>

<p>On the whole, you have superb chances of admittance to Swarthmore. I hesitate to say you’re 100% in (selective schools can reject/admit the most random people), but if they don’t let you in, I honestly don’t know what they’re looking for. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Is legacy as much of a major hook as everyone makes it seem? It strikes me that if a college is going to be admitting students, there are going to be so many qualified applicants that legacy would be pretty far down on the list.</p>

<p>I know, cynically speaking, that there are financial matters to consider, but even considering that, I would think that, donations considered, the potential advantage of legacy wouldn’t be worth the compromise.</p>

<p>Also, whoa, 12% Hispanic. Big difference from when my dad went there. ^_^;</p>

<p>Nice to see another fellow hispanic with similar scores I have. I think your in I’d say like a 95% chance. You never know how your essays will look or how people from your region would compare. But, tbh hispanics compete against other hispanics at top schools, so I think your in! Good luck.</p>

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<p>Yeah, legacy works at a lot of schools, like UPenn for example. For UPenn, legacy acceptance rates are almost double those of non-legacy applicants. You come across as a very unique individual and your URM status and… trans status definitely say a lot. You’ve got good scores and excellent grades so I’d say you’re in, although… 12% is a lot compared to other schools. I think the last 3 ECs are what stand out the most and make up for the lack of breadth. All in all, you’re a very strong candidate for Swarthmore.</p>

<p>You’re in.</p>

<p>If you didn’t get in, I’d be absolutely shocked. You should be confident about this one - your stats are excellent and legacy will help (not that you’ll even need it, if you ask me). Your ECs show your commitment to certain activities and your scores are enviable</p>

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<p>Bump for insecurity’s sake~</p>

<p>I think your in, your sat is great and so are your act, could you chance me back</p>