Swarthmore ED2 Class of 2025

This the official thread for students that applied ED2 to Swarthmore College.Let’s get interactive guys!

Any Ed2 applicants to Swart

Im applying swat ed2.

Great! What’s your intended major?

Math first choice
Envs second

Computer Science

Any word from the admissions when decision will be out?

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I guess Mid February, don’t know the exact date.
By the way, did you self report your SAT. I think swarthmore doesn’t allow self reporting because my common app sent to Swarthmore included my Sat subject tests but not the sat.

I applied test optional

I did! I hope the decision can be released in early feb!!

I emailed the admissions, decisions will be out Feb 15

Did any of you complete an interview?

Yes, I was interviewed by a senior some-time back in Sept.

Do you people know others who applied ED 2 to Swarthmore. I guess there’s only the 3 of us in this chat up till now.

I am also ed2 :sob: can we start a discord server

Join the discord server.

Decisions out Friday at 7pm

Hi, could you please resend the invite?

hi! i’m newly admitted and would like to join the Discord if you wouldn’t mind resending the invite.