Hey guys, I am a current freshman at TCNJ. I am going to apply to Swarthmore for Fall 2020, let’s start this discussion to post Stats and keep each other updated!

Current freshman here at Cal.
Why are y’all transferring? Just want to know what other people’s reasons are.

Georgia State University Honors College (Freshman)

GPA: 4.21
Summer 2019
-Calculus 2: A+
-Principles of Microeconomics: A+
-Principles of Macroeconomics: A+
-Astronomy of the Solar System: A+
Fall 2019
-Honors Multivariate Calculus: A+
-Intermediate Macroeconomics: A+
-Linear Algebra: A+
-Mathematical Economics: A
-Honors English: A- (I know i know)

34 ACT
High school GPA 3.5 (I goofed up big time lmao)
Major: Economics

Current course load: 18 credit hours
-Critical Policy Issues
-Honors Intro to Philosophy
-Mathematical Statistics
-Intermediate Microeconomics
-Honors Economics, philosophy, and public policy
-Economics of Poverty and Public Policy

High School EC:

  • President of Cyber Security Club: Reached National Semifinals of Cyberptriot X Competition
  • Secretary of Computer Science Club: Just helped around in the club
  • Volunteering at School for Children with Autism or Downs Syndrome: Was a volunteer leader and won a presidential volunteer service medal

College EC:

  • Research Assistant in the Department of Economics
  • Peer mentor for Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Member of the Executive Board of the Economics Club: Official title is “Community Engagement Chair”
  • Member of student planning committee for school’s flagship research conference
  • Voting Member in the Student Government Finance Committee
  • Founder and co-president of card game club
  • Chosen to take part in pretty selective pre-graduate school program. You have to be nominated by a professor and write an essay.

Are you still planning on applying?

Anyone else submitted their applications? It seems that Swarthmore makes you wait only 1.5 months, which is less than some other schools that make you wait 2-3.

Also, is it just me or does the Swarthmore Transfer Common App not have a personal statement? I didn’t even realize until after I submitted. Weird.

Hello all!! Applying to transfer to Swarthmore too :slight_smile:

Seeing everyone else’s chance me stuff makes me way less confident ngl

Oh me too, like I am no longer confident.

My Stats are probably not as competitive, but here goes nothing:

Current College: The College of New Jersey
College GPA: Around 3.6, Mid-Term 4.0, Major GPA 3.91
Major: Psycholinguistics
High School: 85 average
EC’S: Bonner Scholars Program (working with immigrants,) Psychological Research, Started my own club about Linguistic Death, Volunteer w/ Planned Parenthood, Writer for School paper, Part-Time Paralegal.

Reccs: 4 Highly Qualified Professors that know me VERY well 9.5/10
Interview: Went extremely well
Applied for F/A: Yes
Got to know admissions, school, professors, students, and programs very well and had, I’d say, very good essays.

It for sure my top choice, but there are clearly far more qualified applicants. I have almost no hope, but I love the place. Praying!

Accepted to so far: Temple, Rutgers, Pitt, Boston University
Rejected/Waitlisted: Nowhere
Waiting: Wesleyan, Hamilton, and Swarthmore

I’m transferring out of Swat. Feel free to ask me anything!

How about telling us what you don’t like about the school? What’s your major and where are you interested in transferring?

I was undecided going in but leaning towards pre-med or pre-law. If you’ve applied to Swat I’m sure you know the academics you’re getting into and hours of hard work. I’m looking at top ranked universities that have an overall happier atmosphere since Swarthmore is rather depressing. There isn’t much of a school spirit at Swat and the student body is always divided over something. And honestly, there really isn’t anything fun to do there since the parties are limited and extremely repetitive. I know some people love it but this was just my experience. I recommend looking into the food options and misery poker specifically. I had no problems with the professors and the academic buildings are gorgeous. It was just missing every other part of a college experience for me.