SWE career path

What is the fastest or/and easiest way to become an SWE?

Is it possible to get an SWE job by only doing Leetcode and online classes?
I’ve heard some company’s resume scanners don’t even look for college or college GPA.

I’ve seen many anecdotes of people getting an SWE job through coding bootcamps. Is that possible? What are the downsides?

College is too expensive and long for me, and I also have a lot of medical debt.

Looking for answers from preferably a SWE

You can take online classes for certification from several sources including Google and Microsoft. Edx.org is a great source of free classes and inexpensive certifications.

Once you’ve learned the material, develop a portfolio of projects that you can write about on your resume and cover letter. In the meantime, look for entry level jobs for companies that employ SWEs and, once there, you can seek out opportunities to meet people and learn more about what skills are in demand. Some companies will also assist with training and college courses.

Is it true that SWE careers don’t require a Bachelors?

Without a BS/BA is my future career stunted? If I used my 4 years at a college to work at an entry level SWE job, will I be better prepared in the industry?

It’s possible do this without a degree, but it’s A LOT tougher. Your next easiest popular path is going through a good bootcamp.