sweat in your food


<p>anyways, I was just watching Hell's kitchen, and guess what, this chef suddenly started to SWEAT into the food... I mean, you could see beads rolling off his forehead, down his nose tip, and into the food!!! How gross is that??</p>

<p>I say this becuase at some restaurnats I've been to, the chef ALWAYS seems to be sweating...just a heads up.</p>

<p>my appetite is ruined for the day...</p>

<p>Ugh, I saw that and it turned my stomach. What can you do to prevent it though? Wear a face guard while cooking? Hopefully I'll lose a few pounds after losing my appetite watching that sweating in the food scene :-)</p>

<p>So Robert E Lee's thread should be ammended: Eating Out: A Costly, Unnecessary, and Repulsive Habit.</p>


<p>LOL :D</p>