sweet 16 memories

<p>i cried on the night of my 16th birthday because my best friend lived hundreds of miles away.</p>

<p>also because i didn't get a car.</p>

<p>but that was because i didn't get my license until six months later.</p>

<p>sixteen really sucked, but 18 is awesome!</p>

<p>also, terrybhs06, your post is basically amazing.</p>

<p>"also, terrybhs06, your post is basically amazing."... when u factor in the 6 wks. house arrest, $500 in court fees and the 50 hrs. community service it seems less awesome... but it was WELL worth it.... i want 2 b 16 again</p>

<p>16 is NOT the perfect age. Old people say that because they wish they were young and sexy again and hate being old and ugly and unsexy.</p>

<p>Anyway, my 16 was less than normal. For me, it was more than normal because we don't celebrate birthdays. My parents seem to have made it a goal to make it seem as if I don't actually deserve one. For my 16th birthday people gave me some money. The End.</p>

<p>Who cares? 16 is not a big deal. Not to the rest of the world and not to a lot of us here.</p>

also because i didn't get a car.</p>



<p>lol, u cried because you didn't get a car for ur bday? Poor baby!</p>

<p>Terry, well, you must have done something amazing then, for it to be worth all of that. Let me congratulate you on a job well done. :)</p>

<p>Quitejaded, everyone where I live gets a car. But my parents didn't get me one until I got my license, which I didn't have on my birthday. It seems trivial now, but it was a big deal to me then.</p>

<p>Also, could you please at least use English, and not netspeak, if you're going to be insulting? (Three-letter words don't really need abbreviations...)</p>

<p>my 16th birth sucked.....i didn't do anything on that day, and i felt awkward because i didnt look like a sixteen year old at all.......people said i looked like a 13 year old ( want to cry...lol)..........After turning 16, life got a little rough, it wasn't the same as before......sad.....</p>

<p>i'm actually turning 18 in a couple of months....not too excited though because i still look like a 13 year old if i don't tell u my age....:sighs:...</p>

<p>16 never really mattered for me. I don't consider it a "big age" or anything. I don't even remember what I did. I think I went out to a club with a couple friends. </p>

<p>18 was the much better birthday. It meant legally drinking and legally driving (not together though). It's fun to be allowed to do what ever you want. I wish I could be 17 again, that was a good year though.</p>

It meant legally drinking


<p>You can drink legally from 16 onwards in Austria.</p>

<p>Anyway, I loved my 16th birthday...I was writing to someone special who had his 16th birthday a week right after mine :D
That whole year was great; I learned a lot of lessons and gained a lot of experience ^^</p>

<p>Yesterday as my birthday as well, and I turned 17. All I have to say is that my 16th year was just plain average.</p>

<p>my 16th bday was in India. It was ok, nothing extravagent or what not. </p>

<p>I'm not big on stuff like bday's. I mean, whoopdy do, an integer representing my age is incremented. Its not like I can drive... my school doesn't allow me to have a car within 25 mile radius of campus... and I live about 3 hours away from my family.</p>

<p>I get my liscence in 2 weeks. I don't have a car, but i do have a very nice bus pass. Oh, who am i kidding? My town doesn't have buses..or trains. I am very proud to say that "it" is still in tact and i don't plan on losing "it"(oh what the hell? my VIRGINITY) for a while. The 16 shots idea is pretty awesome. Too bad i don't have really exciting friends. Their idea of wild and crazy fun is watching the princess bride on a school night. lol</p>

<p>Let's see. I flew a plane by myself for the first time on my 16th birthday, which was pretty awesome and nervewracking. I don't think I did that much that day though. It was cold. I like being 16 a whole bunch, but I'm still not allowed to drive by myself (haha, yes I can fly planes by myself though) until like January. It's a good year, and it's probably going to get better, too.</p>

<p>mine is in two weeks... i dont think anything special is gonna happen. what i really want is to go to Spain 4 a vacation sometime next summer!! but we cant really afford that, so i'll probably just get a cake instead lol. and books. and weights. yes weights. i asked for weights. 10s 12s and 15s</p>

<p>i had a party while my parents were out..got caught..worst birthday ever</p>

<p>My 16th birthday was on January 20, the one that just passed. I actually forgot it was my birthday. HAHA. Someone had to remind me, because all of a sudden my whole Chemistry class started singing the Happy Birthday song to me. And I was like "what the heck?" Then I remembered... LOL!</p>

<p>What did I do for my sixteenth birthday? Man, it seems so long ago.</p>

<p>Let's see... well, a hurricane came by, school was cancelled, I lost power. Combine that with Floridian humidity and being litterally trapped in my house with what seems like 20 thousand relatives and you get the most memorable birthday ever.</p>

<p>For the most part, people forgot my birthday. Can't blame them when water wants to eat you alive and run you over like a bulldozer.</p>

<p>Year 16 was the most dramatic year of my life. It contained both the highest and lowest point. I lost a lot of loved ones, my family kinda fell apart. But then, I went to the UK (absolutely my favorite place on earth), broke international law, drank whiskey with my coffee every morning, and fell in love. Okay, okay, so I didn't fall in love with a person but a CITY, but it's all the same.</p>

<p>This year, year 17, is going to pretty well. Also a rollercoaster, but better than 16 on average.</p>

<p>It was ok. It was probably one of my confusing times.. i didn't know if I was hanging out with the right friends (stoners) and college daunted me (yes.. at 16) and I hated school with so much passion, I hated teachers more, I always saw the worst in people, I thought I was superior then everyone else, etc..</p>

<p>My BIG memories:
-first time I drove
-first time I got stoned (and last)
-first time I got drunk
-running away from the police
-a surprise birthday party from my friends</p>

<p>on my sixteenth birthday i turned into a dinosaur....and i've been the same since</p>

<p>At the time, I had fun on my sixteenth birthday. Went to NYC with a fe of my friends and saw a show and did a bunch of other stuff. But half of them don't talk to me anymore, so it pretty much sucks now. I wish I had just saved the money and spent it on something useful...</p>

<p>i worked on my birthday....>.<</p>

<p>just got my first job, didn't want to make a bad impression, wasn't allowed to go out after work, etc. etc....I hated my birthday. My seventeenth I'm praying for it to be much better...!</p>

<p>"Sweet" Sixteen is way overrated.</p>

<p>^^I second that. "Sweet" sixteen is def. overrated and way too commercialized.</p>