sweet 16 memories

<p>Today is my 16th birthday. Its not like i expected with the big parties and all. Isn't 16 suppose to be the perfect age? What is your sweet 16 memory. Did it suck??</p>

<p>It sucked. endofstory.</p>

<p>hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!</p>

<p>well i never had a really big "sweet 16th" birthday party...but i'll have a massive party when i turn 18! lol</p>


<p>and i'll let you know in may if my 16th sucked...LOL... i'm pretty much already 100% sure it will :) :) ....birthday parties and my family just dont go together.... :( . sad.</p>

<p>I hated being 16... I was awkward, gawky and had almost no confidence. Also I was still in the secondary school I hated.
Life got a whole lot better at 18, when I went to college. And 21 is probably my best year so far (finally doing something I like in college, and now 3 months with my BF)</p>

<p>16 was fun for me, but not the actual day. It sucked. Almost all of my friends were out of town, I was stuck at home..just not fun. My party was fun, but nothing special :)</p>

<p>Good to know that people shared in my misery. My mom just gave me a cake and a balloon. It was cool, i guess. We don't have much money. But anywayzzz. Some people say that 16 is the best age ever, but i liked 15. Yup, 15 was good! I was just 15 yesterday and i wasted it =(</p>

<p>don't waste today, too!</p>

<p>yeahhhhhhh 15 is the best year ever i'm lovin' it :p lol..... but i'm definitely looking forward to being able to tell my parents "MUM DAD I'LL BE TAKING THE CAR OUT TONIGHT I SHOULD BE BACK TOMORROW MORNING IF I'M LUCKY...." :D .... lol j/k</p>

<p>Haha...my parents had the biggest argument ever on my 15th b-day! I was rescued by friends though thank-god...needless to say I am jealous of you Mackie. :)</p>

<p>I don't even remember my sixteenth birthday....seventeenth was much better</p>

<p>16 means u dropped ur balls and it sucks from there :)
driving might be something good ot look forward to thouggh :))</p>

driving. yay. independence. completely rockin'.</p>

<p>i took 16 shots of vodka.....horrible experience.</p>

<p>the above is illegal ^^^^ but i did it any way :)</p>

<p>I'm 17. 16 was way more fun.</p>

<p>i lost "it" at age 16 lol</p>

<p>16 was an amazing year!!!! where i lived boys dont really have sweet 16 so we me and about a dozen friends went camping and got wasted, i got seriously plastered for the first time... i lost my v-card summer soph year when i was 16... I got arrested twice.. Basically 16 was great !!!!</p>

<p>surprise party. thanks dad.</p>

<p>my 16th birthday was nice. usually my birthdays suck so it was a pleasant surprise. usually me and my friends make sortof a big deal about bdays and everything so when i got to school i wasnt exactly expecting a lot you know but my friends didnt do anything at all for me like they didnt even decorate my locker (i had one sign lol and my other friend put a random piece of fruit in my locker w/ a bow haha.. long story) so i didnt say anything and they were just like 'oh yeah it's your birthday. happy sweet 16!' and then that night i was supposed to go out to dinner w/ my mom and my grandma (my father & brothers made stupid excuses to not even come and i was like um thanks for caring so much.. turns out my mom left anyway so i could be w/ my friends..) to my favorite restaurant and when i got there 14 of my closest friends were there and i was really surprised they had planned the whole thing themselves w/o me finding out. so it was nice : )</p>