Sweet Briar Academics

I’m a prospective student for Fall 2018 and I was wondering how rigorous the academics at Sweet Briar are. I wouldn’t say I’m a straight A student, but I am more on the intellectual side and would like to attend a university where my classes are challenging and engaging. I’m attracted to the smaller class sizes of Sweet Briar and what seems like an emphasis on conversation in classes. However I’m a little worried that graduate schools and future employers wouldn’t be impressed by a Sweet Briar degree.

I’m also curious about this. Sweet Briar seems like a place where you can do some intellectual exploration without the competitive nonsense in more prestigious LACs. From what I’ve seen, Sweet Briar graduates have gone on to the Ivy Leagues so I don’t think it’ll be an issue. As for employers it’s likely most have never heard of sb.

I feel like you could do some independent study classes and research because there are so few students.