Swim suites for swimming classes at Cornell

<p>so i need to take the swimming class because i cant swim, and i was wondering what swim suites are needed for that class (especially for girls)? are the PE instructors ok with swim suites that girls wear to the beach, or they're asking for trunks?</p>

<p>also, for people who had never gone swimming before, is the class going to be hard? </p>

<p>im sort of nervous about swimming, so thanks a lot for ur responses! :)</p>

<p>suits. 10char</p>

<p>i would try to sign up for a section that has the fewest number of students because that way you get more 1 on 1 time with the instructor...and get more space to swim. </p>

<p>it can be hard if you're morbidly afraid of the water...the key is just relaxing. </p>

<p>swim suit is whatever works for you (though probably not a t-shirt) and as long as it's not a thong or something like that lol. </p>

<p>i too was nervous but managed to pass the swim test on the last day of class lol. </p>

<p>PS - you want to buy some swim goggles because you will have your face in the water all the time. any cheap ones will do.</p>

<p>one of the instructors, dont know if shes still teaching but she worked us really hard!!</p>

<p>haha, sorry for the spelling errors... i was in a hurry. </p>

<p>thx a lot, campuscsi! </p>

<p>if we dont pass the swimming test in the first semester, will we get a big F for the class? can we take another course? </p>

<p>i think theres only one female swimming teacher this semester, maybe thats her?</p>

<p>Smiles - swim 'suites' made me think of dorms with pools!
But seriously - I was afriad of the water too and couldn't swim when I went to college. One semester my school offered "basic swimming - if you would rather eat ground glass than get in the pool, this course is for you!" . I signed up and was nervous but had a great time and learned to swim reasonably well. It was hard but fun too. We started off with lots of 'swim toys' - kick boards and such.
Any swimsuit is fine as long as it fits well and is comfy for actually moving around.
Googles are a good idea.</p>

<p>Swim suits (one-piece) are best for exercise and avoiding "wardrobe malfunctions" when swimming laps. For goggles, I wholeheartedly recommend Speedo Vanquishers!</p>

<p>aurora00, you have until the day you graduate to pass your swim test</p>

<p>Actually, you have until a few days before you graduate. They have a informal deadline a few days before. I would know =X.</p>

<p>you wont fail the course if you cant pass the swim test....as long as you didnt miss too many sessions...</p>

<p>i believe u can take the class again if you feel its necessary and still get credit for it (check the PE website they have the rules on there)</p>

<p>Haha. I'm taking the same beginner's swimming. I was too lazy to learn during the summer O.o</p>

<p>my mom wanted me to learn during the summer too, but i didnt care. and well, its too late now... sigh</p>

<p>aurora - a quick 30 minute lesson wouldnt hurt if you're nervous about the class...</p>

<p>the sooner you pass the swim test you can just relax in class...</p>

<p>I was looking at the list of offered P.E courses. At least this was one of the few that wasn't completely random. Swedish Massage? Ballroom dancing? Who wants to take those classes?</p>

<p>if you have long hair you should also get a cap. Swimming with hair in your eyes is no fun. Enjoy the class!</p>

<p>The massage classes are actually quite popular.</p>

<p>Here's an article that shows why it's important to know how to swim: Six</a> teens drown in Louisiana river - U.S. news - Life - msnbc.com</p>