Swim team in Princeton University (swim vs academic importance)

<p>Just curious, if you want to swim in Princeton University which is division I school, which is important? Academic or swimming?
My academic performance is good compare to swimming is ok.
My class rank is 2/450 which I think is very good If you want to swim in Princeton, did they only care about swimming record? Did they even care about academic performance? Or do you think I can walk on after getting accepted with academic performance?
I guess my time for 50 free is 28s. And I am only freshman right now.
I really want to achieve both in swimming and academic.....</p>

<p>And yes, I swim everyday...and I will improve....</p>

<p>i mean you cant be failing everything, but swimming is much more important, because really you are only accepting you for swimming. and that should be your most important contribution to your school, good swimming. i would say you would at least a 3.3/1800</p>

<p>Thanks...it explains to me that it will be very difficult or almost impossible to swim in Div I school TT.....if anybody knows about this, leave comments:)</p>

<p>I think grammar is the most important factor.</p>

<p>Pretty sure Princeton (as well as all other Ivies) doesn't have a separate admissions process for athletes, so you're going to need to be close to getting in on the strength of your app without swimming. Definitely far, far above a 3.3/1800.</p>

<p>Wait what is 3.3/1800...?</p>

<p>Hi again. You better be able to write coherent sentences if you want to go to Princeton..</p>

<p>ha, thanks. We will see:) Thanks for your advice though never asked.</p>

<p>This may help you see how your swimming might fit at colleges ... Swimming</a> Recruiting Guidelines</p>

<p>I do not know squat about college swimming but the track & field guidelines on this site are pretty good ... and in most sports the Ivies are low D1 schools. The coaches will be trying to recruit the best swimmers they can that they can get through admissions. FYI - the lion's share of athlete recruits at the Ivies need to be within one standard deviation or better of a typical admit at the school (I'd suggest searching for "recruiting bands" and "AI (academic index)" to learn more).</p>