swim test at notre dame

<p>so i heard that we need perform a swim test
on either august 30th or sept 3rd</p>

<p>do you guys know how long it is?
as in distance. i know we have to do a freestyle and then backstroke or somethign like that?
do we have to do front back&forth and then backstroke back&forth..or yea.. i dont know</p>

<p>anybody know any info about this?</p>

<p>it is a 100 yards, 50 yards of front and 50 yards of back. this is what i have heard, but being a swimmer, i did not look into it too much. i'll see if i can find some info.</p>

<p>ok, those dates were from a while ago, and yes, the above is correct.</p>

<p>Fond memories. I met a future boy friend waiting in line for that swim test in 1975.</p>

<p>ND</a> Department of Physical Education and Wellness Instruction<br>
This is from a previous thread -check out the site and it should provide all of the info you need! Look at the heading that says swim test info--there is a short video that shows everything about the swim test. Good Luck!</p>

<p>whats this swim test for?</p>

<p>i have no idea how to do a backstroke</p>

<p>they just find it "important" that you have some knowledge of how to swim, not sure if it's because the school is located near lakes or whether it's another old tradition. the test isn't too bad, if you can't do it you can just take the class for 2 units (2/3's of the semester), as far as I know, the class is a joke/surprisingly fun, and if you can convince the coach that you actually can swim, he'll let you go no problem.</p>

<p>i have heard it is an old tradition that has to deal with their commitment to ROTC. </p>

<p>and it is not really backstroke, just you got to get across the pool twice on your back.</p>

<p>When I was a freshman they held this at the Rock. There were several hundred of us being tested, and the swimming instructor announced, "There aren't enough suits to go around, so everyone wears the family jewels." An unusual experience. I doubt that this is on the above-mentioned video.</p>

<p>Yeah, they have test at Rolf's now, and students have different scheduled times to go and swim. Not too bad.</p>

<p>how has that tradition not been found to be dated?</p>

<p>I'm sure they realize it's dated, but there are other benefits of having a rudimentary knowledge of how to swim. It's not a big deal at all, in fact if you look like you know what you're doing in your first freestyle length(25 or 50 meters, pretty short) they give you your waiver right then and there.</p>

<p>ok, I have to say... as a ND student...</p>

<p>the swim test is held during your regularly scheduled phys ed time. also, it is four laps across the short distance of the rolfs pool. I have no idea how long that is, maybe 25 yards. it's an olympic size pool. if you don't pass, big deal. you'll take swim classes with football players (surprisingly many football players can't swim).</p>

<p>Er...is the swim test only for undergraduates or is it for graduate students as well</p>

<p>I am fairly certain the swim test which used to be a national mandate at colleges is still in place for two reasons:
(1) after WWII, universities and colleges were required to administer a swim test to all students because of the number of sailors who drowned during WWII. Some colleges/universities still require swim test. Unlike ND some other schools requiring passing in order to graduate. </p>

<p>(2) During WWII and afterward, ND formed and maintained a very close association with the U.S. Navy. According to tradition, the Navy partnered with ND, helping Notre Dame through a time of small enrollment ( WWII) . If you will notice, during football season, when ND plays Navy there is a special kinship that is not generally not present with other visiting teams (except maybe Army). It is a mutual admiration for two great institutions which supported each other during challenging times. Or so the legend goes.......</p>

<p>Ugh, I hated this!! Didn't pass the test, had to take swimming three times a week in the middle of the day for two semesters. Wreaked havoc on my '80's hair.... ;)</p>

<p>As for football players, I remember a guy in my class who was so muscular he could not float. Literally. He would sink like a stone to the bottom of the pool every time he tried.</p>

<p>I would STRONGLY recommend that anyone who thinks they might be on the borderline of passing take a basic swim class this summer. Sure beats having to schlep to swimming class for an entire year, especially when it's freezing cold outside!</p>

<p>^^it is not an entire year - it is around 6-7 weeks - but yes if you are on the borderline then yes taking a quick class or two - the best bet is to do well on the one lap of freestyle at the beginning and then you will not even have to do the rest.</p>

<p>hawkswim09- any idea if transfers have to take a p.e. class when they come in?</p>

<p>i am not sure - i know a past transfer and i will ask him later this afternoon...</p>

<p>i was told that transfer students do not need to take the p.e. classes or the swim test</p>