Swim Test - Specifics?

Just had a couple of questions about the swim test. My apologies if this has been answered previously. </p>

<p>Do we have to complete the 50 yards under a certain time? Also, is there a specific stroke that we have to use, and do they fail us for bad form or whatever?</p>

<p>Answers: No, no, and no. It's actually very simple. Especially if you decide to do it right before DOC trips when they are just herding ~100 students through. I'd recommend getting it out of the way before trips. And it really is painless as long as you can swim at all.</p>

<p>So, If I have no legs and no arms, am I screwed? Like I can squirm and stuff, but I'm not sure that I float all the time</p>

<p>50 yards is like.... one time across the pool, right?</p>

<p>It's 2 lengths unless it's an LCM pool which I doubt it is.</p>

<p>Its a lap down and a lap back...you can float on your back the entire way if you like...as long as you can float, you're good. Most people (i.e. girls) do some variation of breaststroke that involves not getting their hair wet. If you do have to stop for any reason though, they make you start over. I'd just get it out of the way pre trips; I didn't, but I wish I had.</p>