Swimming Cuts

Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knew specific swim times that schools/divisions recruit for. I know that recruiting for sports isn’t all just about times but for swimming there definitely is a benchmark. Is it available on some website? Thanks!

Compare the conference championships to your kids’ times.

We’ve been told A final times from the conference meet are needed to be a recruited athlete.

Which seems a little aggressive for some schools whose current swimmers don’t have these times. :slight_smile: But that’s a good place to start.

A good place to start is creating a profile on collegeswimming.com. The website will show you where your times fit in with the schools and conferences you are interested in. D1, D2 and D3 schools are all there. You can also find the contact info for the coaches of the teams you might be interested in.


If you’re times match the times of top 1 or 2 kids at your target schools, you’re probably good.

What year is your swimmer? Are you just hoping to continue competing, or are you hoping for scholarship $?

Hey, he is a sophomore. I do not think he can get a scholarship but I was just interested in looking at some metrics.

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That website brings me to swim cloud. Are those the same thing?

yes. same thing. Once you do the free sign up the site should pull some of his times automatically but you can also manually enter his best times that aren’t pulled which will give you a good comparison to others. If he is serious about swimming in college I would pay the $20 1 time fee which gives you a few more features such as uploading his swim videos. My son is a recruited swimmer and he would link his profile in emails to coaches. It provides the coach a quick link to his meets, grades, times, ranking and videos.

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