Swimming Recruitment- Is it Too Late?

<p>So, I'm a senior swimmer in , and I've been working really hard to do well and make recruitment times for Villanova. However, I hear back from my EA deferral in late March, and I won't have my best meets till basically the end of February. At this time, Is it still possible for the coach to boost me a little into the school (My GPA is quite low for their school, however my SATs are good as well as my first semester grades)? </p>

<p>Furthermore, is it possible for me to get recruited by other schools? A friend on my club team got calls from Dartmouth and some others at the same time last year, but was already committed to another school. Can college coaches really still help me get in at such a late time?</p>

<p>Yes! You can still be recruited but you need to reach out to coaches. Also consider D2 or NAIA. Take the initiative to contact coaches yourself and it will open many more doors for you. Good luck!</p>

<p>A number of coaches save a "slot" or two for late candidates--most frequently kids who for one reason or another have fallen through the cracks at "higher" schools, but also for that kid who parachutes in at the last minute -- but not all do, esp at top D1 or D3 schools. Nonetheless-- market yourself NOW--reach out to coaches at any school which you might like to attend-- you may get lucky and find that a coach might have a slot-- but your academics had better be right up to snuff bc at this late date, the coach has less pull with AdComs for more difficult candidates... GOOD LUCK and get to work!</p>

<p>One of our teammates got recruited last year for Williams after a breakout swim during senior champs (end of feb). Before that, no love from anyone.</p>

<p>I know Coach Kuster told my D that he keeps a couple of slots free during the RD season for just such a kid. As a soon to be Williams swim parent (my D went ED) -- good for Coach to do that and find great kids who otherwise might not get noticed. Go Ephs!</p>