Swiss Boarding Schools

I was waitlisted at Hotchkiss and I was wondering how are swiss boarding schools, what are the best ones, where could I get in most realistically,

<p>From what I hear they are mostly for super rich kids (Rosey = 100k year) and royalty. No where close to as good an education (except for Eton) is what I heard... Ask TomTheCat.</p>

<p>Eton is a british school i am pretty sure</p>

<p>HE's asking about Swiss schools...Eton is in England.</p>

<p>My bad... I would suggest you speak with TomTheCat, though. He is in England but I think he knows the Swiss area somewhat well...</p>

<p>We looked into Leysin American School and The American School in Switzerland (TASIS) for summer programs. Liked what we saw of both. A year overseas would be a wonderful experience! Good Luck!</p>

<p>Leysin</a> American School in Switzerland</p>

<p>PS our ed consultant spent a lengthy trip in Switzerland just last August and had a map with LOTS of schools. If you want her contact information PM me. We've really gotten a lot out of her services.</p>

<p>what are the educations at those schools like?</p>

<p>Both Le Roissy and Beau Soleil are essentially finishing schools. Their cost is over 100K a year, plus you would not be able to fit in if your family does not participate in activities of fellow students (private planes, ultra exclusive vacations, designer fashions , etc). TASIS is a great summer program, but as a rule of thumb, educational level at the American Schools (in any country) will be well below private day and boarding schools in England or US. In terms of top English boarding schools -- you are too late. They teach in a very specific way, starting early in life, and by 9/10 grade as an American student, you wont be able to be on par.</p>

<p>Is the Leysin or TASIS considered a better school?</p>

<p>I'll tell you that, while I can't speak for the quality of the education at TASIS Switzerland, the quality of the education at TASIS England is excellent - it's the best American school in the country. AP pass rate of 90% - that's only 3% below Choate's rate. Considering TASIS is not considered an elite school, I'd say that's pretty good. Technically, the average AP pass rate among American independent schools is 70% - mhmm, you may be right about other American schools in foreign countries being below American schools in America, but TASIS England fails to adhere to that trend. The campus is beautiful, the students are nice, and the teachers are excellent.</p>

<p>Again, I can't speak for TASIS Switzerland from experience, but I've heard that it's populated by a lot of Eurotrash. Sports are terrible there, too, with the exception of lacrosse. And I mean TERRIBLE. Last year at the TASIS Switzerland vs. England competitions, England beat Switzerland in Varsity boy's basketball 74-4. The girls' score was similar.</p>


<p>Yeah, Eurotrash. Rich kids with not a lot of academic potential. They're drawn to TASIS Switzerland because of its beautiful campus and feeling of exclusivity. When you get down to it, though, TASIS Switzerland probably has an acceptance rate around 75%. The kids I'm talking about are the ones who own yachts, leave school a week before breaks and return a week after school resumes, don't seem to care at all about the academic aspects of the school, and look down on teachers and kids who have less money.</p>

<p>That's what I'd call Eurotrash, but if you wanted, you could just say that TASIS Switzerland is populated by stupid, spoiled kids. Again, not speaking from personal experience, but that's the reputation that Switzerland has garnered for itself.</p>

<p>so what do you think about St.Gilgen International School in Austria? I love this school. It provides scholarships for all students (that's the second thing I care, after academic) and the school is located in a beautiful area. Do you wanna say anything about it, TomTheCat? I dont have a lot of experience with european international schools :(
by the way, anyone knows or studies at an international boarding school in france?</p>

<p>i study at an international school in paris but its not boarding, u could try staying with a french family and attending.</p>

<p>is it possible?
actually i'm looking for scholarship or financial aid. are these available at your school?</p>

<p>Just that message is completely false. Switzerland has one of the finest educations throughout europe and in the world. It’s not as good as Finland but its close. Our private schools are also not populated by only royalty and the super rich. It seems that way because like everywhere private schools tend to be for the wealthier crowd since they cost money and Switzerland is an extremely expensive country. Le Rosey is the kings school because it is the school where all royals go to. I went there for the first 14 years of my life and I am an awful example considering my social standing but I befriended many non royals there. AND the school is 100k per year for an pre college school so it is obscenely expensive. Not all the schools are like that and non of them are bad educations. Most of them are much better then brit schools and american schools.</p>

<p>Hey I was going to switzerland too… Check</p>

<p>Institut Le Rosey
Institut Alpin Beau Soleil
Institut Monterosa
Laysin American School
TASIS Switzerland</p>

<p>For England (If boy)
Harrow </p>

<p>:) More info? PM Me</p>

<p>Getting in to any school there its simple!! YOU CAN PAY-YOU CAN GO :)</p>

<p>^ I’m still not sure how Britain came into this, but either way I wouldn’t reccomend Harrow very highly. It’s got the ‘old boys’ “public” school feel to it, without stellar academics. Great for sports, if you play rugby or cricket…</p>

<p>As for Swiss schools, super rich people wouldn’t send their kids there if they weren’t great, even if academics aren’t a priority.</p>

<p>Well… I guess what people also (including myself) look for at those schools, is the relations you make…</p>