Switch from Business to Econ? NON-Target

<p>Hi, I'm a 3rd year at Northeastern University and I'm currently a dual concentration in Accounting/Finance. Personally, I find Acct to be dreadful.. I'd probably rather watch paint dry on the wall; however, I do agree that it's useful to know. Right now as it stands, Northeastern has a decent business, nursing, engineering, and criminal justice school - from my understanding. I'm trying to go into the Marine Corps OSC between my Jr. and Sr. year and become commisioned as a 2nd Lt. This is obviously not guaranteed because it's so competitive, so it's never a bad choice to have a plan B. </p>

<p>I was thinking of switching to engineering (mechanical), but I'm not sure I wanted to stay an extra year at college. I decided it's best to switch to Economics and double minor in math and business. I know I want to go to grad school eventually and obtain an MBA so I feel that taking finance twice in ugrad and grad would be redundant? </p>

<p>My issue is that salaries/jobs may be skewed due to the fact that top liberal arts colleges and ivy leaguer's take econ as their "business" education. NU is a no-name Economics school and I'm curious whether high marks/GPA will bolster my case for jobs. Or should I just stay accounting and grind it out. </p>

<p>One thing that stands out though is the Co-op program, currently, I'm working at State Street Global Advisors (albiet in a back-office job), it's still a good company to have on your resume, so I'm hoping that a no-name econ school combined with high marks, good co-ops, and solid EC's will help me get to where I want.</p>

<p>What do you guys think.. stick to bizz or switch to econ? </p>