Switch from Early Action to Early Decision?

Hi everyone, Northeastern is my dream school and I have already applied there Early Action by the November 1st deadline. But I regret my decision not to ED, and I was wondering if there was any way I could ask for my application to be changed from EA to ED? Would I just have to email/contact the admissions officer and explain or is it just impossible to change it after submitting on Common App? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

It depends on the school’s policies, so I’d recommend contacting the Admissions Office, as they’ll be able to tell you if it’s still allowed to switch decision rounds + tell you what to submit. However, I would not apply ED if you are unable to afford Northeastern----keep in mind that FA calculators are estimates, not guarantees of aid.

If your parents are OK with you applying ED contact admissions and ask.

It sounds like you really want to go to Northeastern: it’s your first choice. ED is meant to be used on your first choice, and it gives you in increased chance at admission. If I were in your shoes, I would definitely at least try to switch to ED, since it’s your dream school. I would especially recommend switching to ED if your application is generally on the low end of their spectrum.

Just noting: OP has not said his or her app is “low end.” But if it is, ED won’t change anything.

Agree OP needs to ask the college. It’s possible they’ve begun reviewing ED.