Switch from marketing to aerospace engineering?

Hey CC,

I’m trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it for me to switch my major at the start of my junior year. I have always wanted to design and invent things, especially within the aerospace industry. However, as I grew up I figured out that my qualitative/verbal skills were much better than my quantitative skills. Because of this, I thought maybe I could get a business degree and work at an aerospace company with a non-technical role or start my own.

Changing my major now would require me to stay in school for a few more years, something I’m not super excited about.

Do you think that it’s worth the time and effort to switch?


Wanting to design things and having a track record building things, blowing things up, tinkering, taking grandma’s old clock radio and rewiring it to the TV so you can listen to old episodes of Friends while you are falling asleep… is this you? If you are not a natural tinkerer/engineer/fixer, and are halfway through an undergraduate degree already, you’d be swimming against the tide here.

How strong is your interest in aerospace and do you have ANY industry exposure/experience?

Very strong and no. I think that describes who I was as a kid but not as much now. Thanks for responding!

I’m not so sure the liking to tinker with things is necessary to be successful in AE, but being strong in math is. You said your skills here weren’t the best. Has this changed?

I’m not bad at math. With enough practice and patience, I was able to get an A+ in precalculus and an A in calculus 1.

I don’t like solving math problems as much though. I think what interests me is planning and putting together a project to achieve a goal.

You can get into project management at aerospace firms with business degrees. An MBA will probably be a must in that case. Really concentrate on the project management end of things vs. the marketing end. I don’t think that changing at this point is really the best option. Look into getting a certified program manager certificate.