switch majors???

<p>i just got accepted under global bus but i would like to switch to econ. i am a transfer, is it possible to switch once im there? and also do i need to take three semesters of foreign lang because i think i may need to start from step one again.</p>

<p>You definitely will be able to switch. I don't think the business major requires a foreign language, but econ might.</p>

<p>uschicka, are you a student there or are you just assuming? thanks for the reply. hope you right</p>

<p>USChicka is a student, as am I. Yes, you can switch, but you will probably have to apply to switch into econ, which is generally not a big deal. Just contact the advising office for the college. And although by getting out of business you alleviate your math GE req's, you will most definately have to pass a third level foreign language test for econ. </p>

<p>Here is the best way to do it: find an accredited community college that USC accepts credit from. Take span 1 (or chinese, or russian, or whatever else) and span 2 during two consequtive sessions this summer, then take span 3 pass/no pass during the fall at USC. You will be much happier-TRUST ME- spending those expensive SC class dollars on classes you actually care about.</p>

<p>would you say that econ major is "better" to get than a global bus? Are you saying that I should take two courses during the summer at the same time? I have already taken up to span 2 but it was a long time ago and i know that i would not be able to pass span 3. i was thinking about taking german when i get there and take 1 in the fall 2 in the spring and the third in the summer at usc or wherever. thanks</p>

<p>business and econ are both good majors...econ is easier...take your pick.</p>

<p>As far as the language thing goes, think of it this way: you pay $4000 a class at USC. Do you want to spend that money on an amazing professor that has insight and personality or a glorified TA that teaches you the same language that you would get at any community college?</p>

<p>$4000 for one class...
I've never seen the USC tuition cost put that way.... and that price is FREAKING INSANE.
All these in-state schools you can pay about $100 per credit... so about $300 for a 3 credit course</p>

<p>$4000 for one class HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!</p>

<p>what about switching from econ to the business school?</p>

<p>is that possible at all?</p>

<p>yep, but its a stiffer application...try taking some business classes in your first year, and that should help you if you do well in them. You can switch into anything, you just have to apply and be accepted.</p>

<p>And to hopeless:
Yes, our school may be expensive...but so are the cars we will be driving when we graduate. </p>

<p>And to put it another way, its a great incentive not to miss class when you think that each class session is about $100</p>

<p>Unless of course you have a scholarship. :)</p>