Switch to finance from accounting?

<p>I'm currently an accounting major. This semester I started this core accounting classes and have been struggling with them quite a bet. Is it a good idea to switch to finance?</p>

<p>This isn't the answer that you likely want, but it depends. If you want to be in accounting, then you should do your best, and stay with accounting. Finance should never be viewed as the 'next best thing' to accounting. Both can be difficult, and both offer similar, but different job opportunities. Thus, your choice of major should deal less with difficulty and more with personal choice.</p>

<p>I reccomend you research accounting and finance jobs, job shadow, talk to professors, etc. Sometimes the hardest majors are the best ones to be in. </p>

<p>In my opinion, finance is more interesting and engaging, and this is why students move to it after burning out from accounting. However, accounting majors typically have more job opportunities outside of college. As I say, accounting majors can do finance jobs, but finance majors typically cannot do accounting jobs (especially if you need CPA designation).</p>

<p>My two cents....</p>