Switching Chem classes

<p>Hey guys, I'm currently enrolled in Millhauser's 9:30-10:40 class MWF at classroom unit 2. I'm looking to switch into Schleich's MWF 2-3:10 class. My only reason for this is because I have a schedule conflict with Millhauser's class, and from what ratemyprofessor says, Millhauser is loads better than Schleich, it's just a schedule issue. Would anybody be willing to switch?? Please?</p>

<p>It's not likely that you'll find anybody in the class you want here. Try going to the 2-3:10 class on the first day; you can probably crash it.</p>

<p>O.O I want to switch!! </p>

<p>I wanted in Millhauser's class and not in Schleich's chem class. Milhauser's class got full when I enrolled on August 3rd D: So I got into Schleich's class.</p>