Switching College Majors?

<p>If you change your mind on your major between the time you send in your app and the time you actually start at that college, can you change your major without problems, or will they like reassess you or something?</p>

<p>probably depends on the university... if its a school that lets you change majors easily, you might as well just wait till you get to campus.</p>

<p>^^ okay thanks. and what about those harder to switch schools I guess. What would they require you do in order to switch?</p>

<p>it just depends on the major and school. what school are you looking at and what is the major you're in and what's the one you'd like to switch into?</p>

<p>People change their majors all the time and the general standard is that you don't have to declare under the end of your sophomore year (and if you declare, you can switch easily just by going to the faculty of your new major). In my experience, the only time it's difficult is with extremely specialized majors.</p>

<p>okay, that makes sense. thank you!</p>