switching discussion section

<p>hey guys so the problem is i didnt know i could just switch the dis section on telebears before. i was going to take this other course which would not interfere with this other class i have. but the problem is that course is all full so i have to take another class whose time overlaps with one of my dis sections. I try to move my dis section after i finally found out how to. but the problem is the only dis section that works for my schedule is full and i really need this class. what can i do??</p>

<p>It depends on what class you are in, but many GSIs of larger classes have more than one discussion section, and if the GSI of current section you are in is also running the discussion section you need, then most of the time you can just simply attend that other one without any problems (assuming your GSI approves).</p>

<p>If that isn't the case, you have to discuss with your GSI/Professor and the GSI of the discussion section you need to work something out.</p>