Switching Eng Majors?

<p>Hi, my name is Kevin and I got accepted into UCLA as a Aerospace Engineering major. However, I am probably going to switch into another area of engineering. I want to know, how hard is it to switch? I'm looking at CS or EE. Are those usually impacted? Am I screwed and stuck with a major with no jobs!? =O Thanks for you help. =D</p>

<p>Hi Kevin,</p>

<p>Have you read the Engineering thread? You may switch your majors by completing a simple process. First, come to Boelter Hall 6426 and pick up an application for the major change request.</p>

<p>It is a very easy application - the most difficult section is where you write an open ended blurb about why you want HSSEAS to grant you the switch.</p>

<p>I believe EE is difficult to switch into, and I don't know about CS. You will be reevaluated from your profile before matriculation, if this is done before your first two quarters.</p>

<p>Aerospace is a narrow field with regards to the other engineering fields. You won't be stuck with no jobs after graduation if you try your best. I don't think it's a guarantee either that you get a job either.</p>

<p>The economy is on the verge (or actually already is) in recession, so the outlook is not as bright for people in narrow fields. For example, a budget cut or a change of focus by certain authorities may lead to thousands laid off at the space shuttle.</p>

<p>Look at defense jobs though - I think they are more stable. (Lockheed, Northrup, Raytheon.)</p>

<p>yeah well, I know if I do aerospace, I am definately looking for something more military oriented, like defense jobs. However, I feel like I'd have a much broader choice of jobs with a different major. And yes, I did check out the engineering thread, I just didnt have enough time to delve into it enough. Thanks for the reply, very helpful.</p>