Switching from Business to Pre-med?

<p>I am in a little bit of a dilemma. I am a marketing with a minor in accounting. I am currently interning for a company-- and realized that I absolutely HATE marketing. My accounting classes make me sick (physically) Not that it is hard, but I have no passion for it. I just added it because I wanted to seem more competative for law schools because that is what I wanted to do after college. I chose this path because that is what I have am naturally inclined to business/legal settings. Since I was a child everyone (including my kindergarten teacher) said you should be a lawyer or people say that I have the "air" of a CEO. But after interning for the coperate world I realized that it wasn't for me. I can't wait for my itnernship to end because I dislike corperate world that much. However, I am very good at marketing, business, etc. BUT Both of my parents are doctors. I know the medical field like the back of my hand, I know what doctors have to endure--as a child of two doctors. My parents have ALWAYS stressed the fact to my siblings and I to NEVER go into medicine unless we were really passionate about it. However, medicine seems like home to me. I feel at peace and comfort just thinking about being in a hospital or doctors office setting. I wanted to bring this up to my parents but I have already switched my major before from History to Marketing, I know they won't take me seriously--they will say (Oh you are just confused again) But I know in my gut that medicine would most likely be the practical career path for me. I have taken Biology--LOVED IT and got an A! I took Chemistry--did not like it AT ALL. Took Physics-- it was ok ..not as good as bio, but it was still interesting.
A little more facts about me:
- Just finished my 3rd year of college out of 5 (My school has a 5 year program)
-GPA a 3.2
Was strong in bio, not chem, and ok in physics.</p>

<p>Why I would like to go into medicine:
1. Comfort (I find visiting my mom at work in the hospital I am more intrueged and ask more questions about things. I feel very comforted and at peace around this settings)
2.I prefer being in a secure profession. When the recession hit, my parents were never really worried because their jobs are ALWAYS needed. IN corperate people are ALWAYS walking on egg shells because they can easily be cut.
3.I have always been weirdly into diseases. Whenever someone is sick--i usually am the first to diagnose them correctly because I find myself using my free time to search diseases. My friends mom had shingles--and was experiencing symptoms I told her that she might have shingles and she should check with her doctor--she tells me the next time I saw her that they diagnosed her with shingles.</p>

<li>I have a general love for helping people, in medicine you HAVE dedicate your personal time to help your patients. In corperate it is all money hungry and greedy people. I morally can't work in that industry.</li>

<p>Do you think switching from marketing to medicine is practical at this point? I am about to enter my 4th year in college out of 5 but if I am ready to stay an etra 2 years for medicine. But if the situation were vice versa and I had to stay an extra 2 years for business I wouldn't do it. </p>

<p>What would is your advice? Can I get into med school with marketing and a decent MCAT and GPA? What are your sugesstions</p>


<p>Since no one EVER replies on this site anymore, I’ll do it.
I think you should just leave the major & finish with it. Bring that gpa up though! And if you get a good score on the mcat, go to medical school! You’re major doesn’t matter. Sorry for the short response, but I did read every single word you wrote. Cheers!</p>

<p>You need to do significant GPA repair before you can apply to medical school. GPA 3.2 is way, way below the average for successful applicants. GPA 3.65 is the current average GPA of successful matriculants.</p>

<p>You don’t say what your math and science grades look like. Without a OChem grade and your physics grade, it’s almost impossible to say if your sGPA will be high enough for medical school. Nearly everyone likes intro bio. It’s a fun class. </p>

<p>(BTW, were your science classes the courses designated for science/engineering majors? If not you’ll need to retake those classes. Science courses for non-majors are not acceptable for med school admissions.)</p>

<p>And to be honest, your reasons for wanting medicine seem a bit immature. </p>

<p>–Comfort (You hate your current major and internship so leap back toward what is safe and familiar.)
–Financial security (Understandable but if you even hint this is one of motivators, your PS will get your application bounced.)
–You like doing informational research/looking stuff up (That doesn’t describe a doctor; that describes a librarian. Seriously, I’m a librarian and that is the first line of my job description.)</p>

<p>You can get into med school with a marketing degree; however, your GPA will put you at a huge disadvantage. So will your lack of expected pre-med ECs–medical shadowing (someone other than your parents), community service, medical voluntering, clinical or bench research, leadership positions in origanizations, etc.</p>

<p>You might be best served by graduating and doing a post-bacc to beef up your academic record while you work on getting some ECs.</p>