Switching from Community College Courses to AP

At my old school, which went by an early college format where you could take certain courses from the local community college depending on your grade level(but no honors or AP courses), I took

American Government (CC)
College Algebra(CC)/College Trig (CC)
Music App (CC)/Spanish 1 (CC)
English 9
Financial Studies/PE

US History (CC)
Calculus 1 and 2 (CC)
Spanish 2 (CC)
English 10
Health (CC)/PE

So I’ve taken at least 3 college courses each semester. The school I’m moving to, though, has only APs and an option to take two courses at the local university. So based on my past experience, would it be reasonable to take

Calculus 3/Differential Equations (U classes)
Intro to Archaeology/World History (U classes)
AP Physics C
AP Lang
Spanish (Not sure which level I’d be in, probably 3 or 4)
Elective (Maybe AP Stats)

Linear Algebra/Intro to Scientific Computing (U classes)
English Com 2/Scientific Writing (U classes)
AP Psych
AP Chem
Maybe AP Spanish, otherwise next level
Elective (Maybe AP Bio or AP Comp Sci, AP Stats if I didn’t take it junior year)

On top of extracurriculars, based on the difficulty of AP classes? Junior year at my old school I was slated to take all college courses, if that helps.

Remember that college courses, even those taken while in high school, will count toward your college GPA as recalculated for medical school application purposes.