Switching Majors at UCLA

I was recently admitted to UCLA but am thinking of switching from a science major to engineering. I was wondering how difficult it is to switch majors from the College of Letters and Sciences to the Henry Samueli School of Engineering. If you have done this or know someone who has then please let me know!!

It is very difficult. If you were admitted as an engineering major at another college then you should enroll there.

The student paper had an article about major changes in 2019 and it shows for example that only 12 students in non-engineering majors were able to switch to CS. Check any engineering major you want by going to the section “UCLA Students’ Major Switches” and put your engineering major on the right, leave the left at “select an admission major”. Link is To Stick or To Switch: Student Major Changes at UCLA | The Stack

You can find info on how to switch at https://www.seasoasa.ucla.edu/change-of-major/

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Completely agree with @mikemac. I would also like to tag @10s4life about their opinion, but if you have a direct admit into your preferred Engineering major, then I would lean towards attending there.

Which specific engineering major?

Depends on the major. Civil and matsci have lower requirements the majority are 3.5+ except for CS related ones. Also, you must meet the GPA requirements using only engineering curriculum (no padding from GE’s). It is fairly difficult to do. I would choose to go to a school you are a direct admit for unless you are set on UCLA.