Switching Majors at USC?

<p>I'm accepted, but haven't decided if I'm attending yet. I feel like this is incredibly bad on my behalf, but I just re-looked over the first and second choice major class requirements, and my second choice major looks so much more interesting to me now. I was accepted at Dornsife for biological sciences, but my second choice was Global Health at Keck. Would switching between the schools be possible, and if so, how difficult? Does anyone know about this process?</p>

<p>I am not sure about your situation but my daughter applied and was admitted to dornsife. She decided after being admitted that she wanted Marshall. She wrote a simple letter to Marshall before school started and within a week she was admitted to Marshall. She is now a freshman in Marshall.</p>

<p>eartheyes, you have a slightly tricky problem as it relates to timing. If you have been invited to interview for a top scholarship, that decision is usually made at the School/major level. In other words, each department has an allotment of spots for candidates. If you were invited to interview by Dornsife, but tell them right now you intend to leave Dornsife, I wonder if that might affect the outcome of your interview. One of the criteria for awarding scholarships is bringing leaders into each major. So that might be a little ding if they know ahead of time you are leaving their major. They'll essentially lose you to Keck. Not that the university as a whole won't love to have you, either way--they will! But it's the major/department/school's decision how to award the top $$ and... I just don't know. Maybe another poster can address this timing issue.</p>

<p>Since both Biological Sciences and Global Health are in a similar vein (heh heh - pun!), you sound like you may be heading for pre-med. It might be prudent to take a little more time to think about your first declared UG major. You can always change majors at USC (however some Schools have additional requirements for tranfer). It's something to think carefully about.</p>

<p>^She didn't get P/T finalist, so that might ease the switch a bit (oh gosh, I sound like such a stalker..)</p>

<p>Anyways, take stalkermama's advice- switch to Marshall! :) But actually, I'd contact your admissions officer and ask, and maybe ask about the Dean's thing too.</p>