Switching Majors

<p>Hey you guys. So i had asked a question about how to change your major if you were a recently admitted freshman for fall classes to umd (I've seen questions about this on Towson's website too, so what I did might apply to other schools as well) and decided to share my experience with you guys.</p>

<p>But anyways, I called umd's admissions office today and they told me to email them (I think the email is <a href="mailto:umd-admit@umd.edu">umd-admit@umd.edu</a>, I'm not exactly sure) with my name, date of birth, and the major program I'm currently in, and the major program I want to change to. In my case, I wanted to move from letters of sciences to kinesiology.
I'm making this post bc I looked on this website, along with umd's website, for information and based off of my experience, the advice others gave was completely different. So yeah, hopes this helps some of you! I still advise you to call the office ahead of time to make sure. #GoTerps!</p>