switching schools in senior year?

I’ve been studying online since 8th grade, but recently I’ve been thinking about moving to a traditional school.
my parents wanted me to go last year, but because of my social anxiety, I chose to continue online school.
Now I’m worried about college… would they accept me w an online school diploma?
I’ve always wanted to do something in the healthcare field, and now I’m scared my school isn’t enough.
I’m scared of moving schools too, what if I fall behind everyone?
The social anxiety just makes everything worse, I don’t know if I would do good in a classroom.

Would it be dumb for me to transfer?

When you say that you want to do something in “the healthcare field” do you mean things that require interaction with patients? thing that require interacting with co-workers? things that can be more isolated (data work, some lab work)?

When you say college, who are you thinking of when you say “would they accept me”?

Since Grade 8 have you been a part of any structured activities (sports, camps, classes, volunteering, etc) with people outside your immediate home circle?

Are you getting any form of professional care for your anxiety? has the degree changed any in the last two years (gotten better or worse)? what about since Covid?

Hi, thank you for replying.

I’m not sure the specifics of what I’d like in the healthcare field, I just enjoy biology and anatomy.

By “would they accept me” - I heard some colleges don’t take credits from online school.
I’ve had my whole education in english, but I live in a country whose first language isn’t english. so I would have to move for college.

I have taken art classes outside of school, and I want to do some other programs but I’m not sure how to find them here.

I did try seeing a psychologist but I couldn’t even bring myself to talk there.
I’m not sure if I’ve gotten better or not, I can talk to people, but when there’s too much attention on me I freeze.

Are you a US citizen?

Are you thinking to attend college in the US? if so:

==Is your online school accredited, and if so by whom?

==Have you ever lived in the US?

==Are your parents ready, willing and able to pay US college fees?

Where do you plan to live after college?

It’s fully accredited, the school is american but I live in europe.

Your post isn’t entirely clear.

Are you asking about going to an in-person high school for next year? If so, since you have been attending an online school that follows the US system, you need to decide whether you would attend a local school or a private international school that follows the US system. Given the COVID-19 situation, the classes there might not be in person anyway. In that case, it could make better sense for you to just complete high school in the program that you are in now.

Are you asking about going to college? If so, where? If you want to go to college in the US, are you a US citizen, or will you need to apply as an international student? The advice would be different depending on your answers to those questions.

I mean switching to an in-person school for senior year. my online school uses the US system, and if I switched it would be to a international school.

A lot depends on the particular international school you would plan to attend. What classes does it offer? What college selection and application assistance can it give you? What is the mental health team there like? Will you be able to continue your current independent art classes if you want to? Would you be able to stay there for two years if you decided that you wanted to in order to gain more practice at studying in a not-online setting?

You write that you think you want to work in a healthcare setting. Which of the positions in that setting do you see as being places where your social anxiety can be accommodated?

As for your most recent attempt at working with a psychologist, was that face-to-face? If so, have you tried again using a video conferencing platform like Zoom? Some of my community college students have told me that they like talking in class a lot better now that we meet in Zoom instead of in person.

If your current online high school is fully accredited, then being online should not be a problem at all if you apply to college in the US.

We looked at schools near Paris because of a potential job transfer from the US, and I wouldn’t recommend transferring from a US based school to an IB school. They don’t line up and with only your senior year to make it work it will end up a disaster. There are private schools that teach to the US system, but they’re very expensive.

You never answered whether you are a US citizen. It makes a huge difference for college selection.

I would suggest taking a gap year after HS and working on your social anxiety. Get professional help. Then you can go to college and truly enjoy it.

I’m not a US citizen

The school I’m thinking of going to is very small, so I’m not sure what classes they have.