Switching Tests After Registration!!

<p>On the Collegeboard website, it says that if you want to switch subject tests after u've registered, you can just do it at your testing center on that day. but is tthere an extra fee required? what exactly are you supposed to do, just tell your proctor? is it the same if you're testing in canada?

<p>its one booklet with all the tests in it... so you can decided which ones to take.</p>

<p>There's no extra fee. Don't tell your proctor. Just fill in the code for the test you're going to take and take it.</p>

<p>The only time you would be charged an extra fee is if you take the Writing test but havn't signed up for it. The writing test costs $17 compared to $8 for other tests, so you will be billed the difference. If you go the other way around however (sign up for writing but take something else), you won't get a refund.</p>

<p>What's the policy for switching SATII >>> SATI?</p>

<p>^^^not possible</p>

<p>Its possible, just change it on the test day (its like standby testing) if there is place they will let you take it</p>

<p>How is it possible? The registration fees are completely different. And, if it's like standby, it costs an extra $35</p>

<p>i sent them a mail about changing SAT I to SAT II and this is what they said:</p>

<p>"We are sorry, but it is too late to change your test. You can still
try to change it on the day of the test by taking your Admission Ticket
and acceptable identification to the test center (except for Language
Tests with Listening). We can't guarantee that you will be able to take
the test, **but if space and materials are available, you will be
admitted ahead of standby candidates. The fee for changing a test is $19,
plus the difference in testing fees. You will be billed after the test."</p>

<p>hope that helps</p>

<p>I thought moving tests cost money, i moved mine and added 1 writing test for 40 dollars US :(</p>

<p>thanks, hello, for clearing that up</p>

<p>You can switch from Sat to Sat 2's after registration. You have to do it my phone and there is a 19 fee along with any difference in test cost. You must do it at least 2 1/2 weeks before the test date. I just did it today for the Dec test so I know it can be done. I am in the US</p>

<p>slipstream99: you're welcome :)</p>

<p>What if you sign up for one SAT 2 and decide you want to take two or three. Will they ust bill you 7 or 14 dollars extra? Will this slow down the recieiving of scores in any way?</p>

<p>Yes, they will bill you. You'll get your scores at the same time as everyone else.</p>