Switching Universities for Dual Enrollment Students

So I am a junior and currently a full-time dual enrollment student at Georgia State. The midpoint of the fall semester has passed so it is about time for me sign up for my spring classes. I have done that, but recently I have gotten to thinking that I don’t want to study at Georgia State anymore, and instead, starting next fall in my senior year, I would like to study at Georgia Tech for dual enrollment instead. The reason for this is because that GA Tech is the college that I really want to go to after graduating high school, so I thought it would make sense if I got to be on be a student and get a feel for the atmosphere and the professors. However, GA Tech’s “requirements” to be a dual student at their campus are a lot more advanced than Georgia States requirements. And by “requirements” I mean that there are no definite requirements, instead there are examples of how high the SAT scores and GPA’s have been for previous dual students that have studied there, basically implying that if you wanted to become a dual students there, your stats should look just as good. Also, if you were to get accepted, a spring semester isn’t guaranteed, unless your fall semester performance is deemed satisfactory.

It seems pretty much hit-or-miss for me , but also very tempting at the same time since it is my dream school. I haven’t talked to my high school counselor about this yet because in my mind, this still sounds outrageous, and my counselor would be very upset if I wasted her time with nonsense. So please tell me, is switching universities in between academic years even heard of for dual enrollment students? Is there perhaps some rule against that or concerning that?

I’ve already been making sure that my Georgia State class credits can transfer to Georgia Tech (in the event that I do get accepted for their dual program) and that those classes will also keep me on track to graduate high school. It took a lot of strategizing (and headaches), but I do feel that it’s worth it, considering that I will actually be allowed to apply to Georgia Tech for dual enrollment after being at Georgia State for a year. And if there is a possibility that I can do this, there is absolutely no way that my counselor can deny me the ability to switch schools, right? I know it will be a lot of paperwork, especially since I’m still planning on applying for classes at Georgia State just in case GA Tech rejects me because GA Tech usually release their decision to accept or reject you over the summer AFTER the Georgia State deadlines for signing up for classes would be due.

I know this is A LOT, trust me, I know, but this has been on my mind for a while. I’ve been juggling all of these decisions and planning for every possible contingency just to make sure that if something does go wrong that I will, at the very least, still be able to graduate high school. ANY ADVICE WOULD HELP!! About anything… seriously. Please feel free to ask questions.