Syracuse Admission Chance Question


My top school is Syracuse University, and I’m curious what other people think the chances are of me getting in. I’m applying early decision! ?

Here are my stats:
SAT: 1220
ACT: 26
Unweighted GPA: roughly over 3.57 (after I finish junior year)
Weighted GPA: 4.1 (maybe a little higher)
Extracurriculars: I have a decent amount of leadership roles. I’m not involved in student council, but I think this is my strongest area (club positions, some community service, varsity sport).
AP Classes: I took the most my school offered each year (1 soph, 5 jr).

An estimate of the average Syracuse SAT range is 1160-1350, and the average ACT range is 25-30. My stats fall below Syracuse’s average, I was curious to see what other people think. All of my AP classes were a lot to handle and resulted in me getting a lower unweighted GPA than expected. I also have gotten 2 C+s (in 2 AP classes) during a semester. :neutral:

P.S… I’m interested in applying for a Biology major (if that affects anything lol) (:

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Forgot to mention that I’m in the Class of 2025. ?

I had a similar gpa but a much higher sat score. I got in for engineering for class of '24. I would work on getting your sat up, take it a few more times, it cant hurt. but the rest looks good

I say continue to do well senior year, try to boost your SAT/ACT scores (may help you slightly stand out more), and work on writing an appealing personal statement & supplemental essays. If you’re interested in bio, do you have any experiences studying it during your HS years (internships/research for ex)?

Thank thank you so much! Yes, I’ve taken AP Bio in HS if that’s what you mean? (: I’ll work on getting my SAT up! COVID-19 keeps cancelling the dates. ):

Thank you!! Will do

Yea COVID-19 is really messing things up right now :frowning: And by studying bio, I meant doing extracurriculars related to it, perhaps an internship, summer programs, etc. Of course you don’t ALWAYS need loads of experience to get into a program you’re interested in. For instance, I just got into the Newhouse school, one of the most competitive schools to get into at Syracuse, without many communications-related extracurriculars. But, having experience is never a bad thing since it shows your interest & passion for your intended major. How did you do in AP Bio?

Thank you so much for being so helpful!! I did well in AP Bio. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve done any bio-related extracurriculars. I’m the president of my school’s Science Olympiad club, but I guess that’s not specifically biology. I’m also a member of my school’s Pre-Health Club, but I don’t have a significant position. I was accepted to attend the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Sciences this summer, but it seems like COVID-19 will get that cancelled. I guess I should work on getting any last-minute extracurriculars for the summer. Thank you sooooo much!

@EthanCarters Those do show your interest in science in general, so don’t downplay them! If you are able to, highlight any big activities you did with those clubs. Additionally, I would definitely try to get any possible extracurriculars in this summer. Otherwise, keep your grades up/consistent. Good luck!

Thanks for all of your advice! I finally got a 28 superscore (of two 26 cumulative scores) on my ACT, so hopefully that’ll help? (:

Chance me for SYRACUSE -I’m applying ED
Gpa:87 weighted
Sat- not submitting one
4 aps, 3 IB, 2 honors classes

Varsity tennis 4 years
Newspaper club 4 years
On board of community service club (key
Club) 4 years
150+ hours of community service
Spanish Nationals honors society
Major undecided probably
Also doing an interview for Syracuse