Syracuse Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

They’ve not asked my son for them yet, but ours are just now coming out.

Do they not require them for all students? My daughter hasn’t been asked either, but the common app suggests that they ask for them, so we weren’t sure.

oof i got deffered from ed to regular decision not sure what else i can do to boost my chances.

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If you have some accomplishments you made after sending in your app then you can tell them. Maybe send them your mid year?

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my college counselor sent them my mid year and I’m currently working on my letter of continued interest

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Those letters of continued interest can definitely work. My son was deferred from a different school in November and immediately sent a letter plus his Q1 grades. He was accepted yesterday. It’s no guarantee of course, but it does help!

thank you for the heads up. i just finished sending my letter to them but I got an automated email saying there in the process of reviewing applications and that I have to wait a couple of says before I can hear back from them.

i got into cuse with the email sent on last friday 5:03pm est (around the same time with uiuc ea/rd decision) as a rd applicant and the decision date on the acceptance letter is feb 13th. also, no this is not cap, cuse use a rolling admission policy(with the same rd deadline, rolling decision notification) for international applicants so it came much earlier than late march. cuse is top 5 on my list and finger crossed for the brutal late march and early april decisions.

best luck and go orange!

are you an international student?

Yeah, they are a international applicant

yes sir/ma’am

Yep, I am an international student and got my acceptance to Cuse on 20th this month. Applied to Syracuse through a scholarship program but didn’t get any funding therefore won’t be attending Syracuse.

A seat available for you guys!

Syracuse has been asking me for like 100000 financial aid things. They better not have made me take so much time to get them this stuff just to deny me :sob:


literally they asked me for so many forms for financial aid. i think I’m gonna do it after (and if) i get accepted

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Hey all! Voice performance major RD here. I wish decisions would come out sooner! I’m super excited for the results. The financial aid has been crazy for me as well. I’ve been accepted to 4 schools, all EA, so far and have 4 more RDs including Syracuse to go.

anyone have any idea when rd will be released?

based on last year and when int’l decisions came out this year, I’m guess end of this week for those that get the Leadership scholarship and then starting around 3/12 for other acceptances with waitlist and rejections coming at end of March.

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wait is this a merit scholarship?

One of my top schools. Stats:

3.5 unweighted GPA out of 4, 1 AP (but my school doesn’t offer many APs so didn’t get the chance to take many)
28 ACT
Decent extracurriculars
Rigor of classes increased freshman to senior year, grades increased as well

What are my chances?

I believe u have a decent chance at Cuse since ur stats fits into the Cuse stats range on my school’s Naviance. I do not think it will be much different from ur school’s range since Cuse is a private institution. (My school has rigorous academics as people have C’s in AP classes still earn a 3 or 4 on AP exams. Crazy I know) Good luck my friend!