Syracuse Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

A thread to ask questions and post decision stats. :slight_smile:

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I wish Syracuse had early action and not only regular decision!! It is driving me crazy that we have to wait until March.


Does anyone know Syracuse’s typical financial situation? Do they normally give a lot of money?

thanks for making this thread :)) kind of excited for the outcome lol


Me too! What school/major did you apply to? I applied to Neuroscience in CAS

no way me too ahahah

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For ED1 people, when do you have to complete the enrollment form by?

I’m not sure when specifically, but I dont really see the issue in you waiting until later on as long as you pull your other apps.

unless you are waiting for a financial aid appeal. If you are waiting for a financial aid appeal, you can keep your apps open and wait to sign so you have other options if the financial aid package isn’t sufficient enough

@asdfgabjkl whats CAS? My D is Neuroscience too.

College Of Arts & Sciences

Oh right. Thanks

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Does Syracuse release decisions any earlier for people who applied before the ED date (although for RD)? It becomes very difficult to wait 4-5 months when you have decisions at all of your other schools. If they really release April 1st, do they still expect a decision by May 1st?

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Two years ago my son applied RD and received his acceptance on 3/15.

Thank you @NJdad07746. Do you know when he applied? I think we were in November.

He applied for the January 1st deadline at that time. He had other EA apps go out by November 1st and held off Syracuse until the RD deadline. Although he got into all his schools but one, he did decide to go ‘Orange’. : )

Merit, no but if you show need and are a strong student then they will find ways to help you afford picking them.

This is why they take many from their ED pools. It helps with yield. If you want a school bad enough you’ll wait. If you prefer to love the schools that love you back first that’s cool because Cuse already has students, many committed to full pay from the ED pool.

A school filled with students who truly want to be there helps mold a passionate and strong community. There’s a reason certain schools are known to have huge school spirit with students proudly wearing their school across their chest.

Many tours we’d found it interesting seeing students wearing other college clothing. The ones we went on where kids all wore school colors and clothing, it was evident as to why.

Is it 2/15?

Leafs me to believe RD will begin to drop 3/15

Does anyone know if Syracuse requires a midyear grade report? I can’t seem to find the information.