Syracuse ed chance me please

Applying ED to Nutrition major in Falk College

GPA: 3.9 W at end of junior year

freshman yr: all enriched courses

soph yr: 1 H course, the rest enriched

junior yr: 1 DE/H course, summer college course through UVM, the rest enriched

senior yr: 1 AP, 1H, 1 DE/H, 1 SUPA(DE)/H, the rest enriched

so in total 1 AP, 5 H, 3 DE, 1 summer course

Extracurriculars: 4 years of drama club and 2 years of being on the advisory board for the same drama club, 2 paid jobs, 2 virtual internships with dietitians, 4 years of running an instagram food blog + website. 3 years guest blogging for a nutrition website. 3 years Relay for Life

Awards: Seal of Biliteracy in Italian, multiple high honor rolls, multiple superintendent’s list honor roll

Essay: Pretty solid I think. It’s about food shopping. And i’m very confident about my supplement too!

Test Score: 1210 SAT but i’m not submitting

Thank you in advance!!!

you should be completely good lol you have higher than the avg stats

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As a current student who did not ED, you should be good to go. I know people who got in with about those stats so you should be fine.

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