Syracuse ED chance me

Hi I just applied to Syracuse ED and I’m super nervous since I don’t see myself at any other school.

My W GPA is a 3.71
I’ve taken AP Physics and got a B and AP Bio and got a B+. The rest of my classes are honors classes and I got a mix of As and Bs. In Honors Algebra 2 I got a C- but brought it up to a B+, but then my school went to pass/fail because of COVID. I explained this in my additional information section.

I’m the captain of the varsity girls hockey team
I played varsity field hockey for 3 years
I volunteer with children with special needs at 2 different volunteer programs
I have a job (work 15 hours a week)
National Honors Society

I didn’t submit my SAT but it’s a 1230
600 math
630 English
I know, not very good

And I’m doing an interview this week with an admissions officer! Also, I’m applying to Whitman as Undecided.

I think your chances are good. Everything you sent them looks impressive and ED really confirms to them that you want to be there. Good luck and don’t stress about the interview - they are very chill and it may even be with an undergrad student who currently interns in the admissions office.



thank you!

your chances are good but really only because you went early decision