Syracuse Fashion Design Program and Leadership Scholarship

DS was admitted at Syracuse VPA in the Fashion Design Program and they offered him a leadership scholarship. He also got into Marist, U Delaware, Indiana and UC Davis in Fashion Design Programs and at Michigan Stamps in a generic arts program. I am a Faculty in a scientific field and I don’t know anything about art schools/programs. Any insights/feedback from students or parents of students currently studying at Syracuse VPA in the design program? How does this program compare to these other schools? It looks like most classes take place in the Nancy Cantor Center in downtown. Do students feel isolated compared to most students who take classes in the main campus? Besides the financial aspect, are there other benefits to the leadership scholarship? Thanks in advance for any info.

Sorry, I don’t have any helpful feedback. Following this thread because D will be applying (in 2 yrs) to many of the schools listed for this same major (actually Retail Mgmt in Whitman, FD minor at VPA). SU is near the top because of the generous aid for high achieving, low income applicants.

Good luck to your S. I’m interested to see where he chooses to go.

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Thanks! Ultimately it came down to UMichigan vs Syracuse. Parents would have preferred Michigan but he eventually committed to Syracuse. He felt that it was the best fit for him. He also got into the Renée Crown Honors program and the Merit package was quite generous considering the high cost of the tuition. Michigan did not offer anything; the main attraction there was being admitted into the Ross school of business as a dual student. But ultimately he felt that Syracuse was the right place for him.

UM is DD’s dream, but the lack of a fashion program was disappointing. Ross + Stamps sounds like great option, but I’m sure your DS will shine at Syracuse VPA!

Is he majoring/minoring in anything else besides FD? I’d love to hear what compelling reasons led him to chose Syr over UM.